Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another baby step

So this week I started my new job- and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think I have found my career "home." I know it is awfully soon to say that, but it is just a great fit for me. So, I am pleased as can be.

I am also pleased that I am now insured (though I haven't picked my plan yet). I called my bariatric surgeon's office. They asked me if I had lost all the weight I needed to (get down to 292) and I told a lie- said no, I was at 300. Last weigh-in I was around 305. So I'm not there yet. But I don't have a chance to go get weighed in for a bit anyway. So I am going to plug away. Anyhow, they told me to come in, get weighed, and then they would consult with the surgeon about moving forward. All you out there seem to get lap-band fairly quickly. They really make you work for it here.

Here is in the Northeast- which means hurricane Irene is on her way... We haven't gotten prepared for that other than food shopping. So we will do that first thing in the morning. All will be well I am sure.

The insurance- it makes me nervous. Of course as soon as I got access to benefit information online I searched for weight loss and surgery coverage. It said it covers gastric bypass, intestinal something else, and something else. But lap-band wasn't mentioned in any way that I have ever heard it referred to before. So I am going to have to get the details. I will be so bummed if it is not covered and will have to figure out a plan B. I have no idea what that would be. Maybe get health insurance under my husband's plan? I don't know. Blech.

Overall, life is good. Oh, and I got an IUD put in this week. For some weird reason that was really emotional for me. Perhaps because I was on my period (which is when they put it in YUCK!) but at least I won't have to remember to take birth control. Fun stuff :)

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