Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better living through better eating?

I am working on the 15 lbs I have to lose. Man, this is tough. I find myself thinking about food, oh, all the time. This is not normal for me. But I feel restricted by my diet so of course it is going to be this way at first. But I've got to get the 15 lbs off and so I am going to do what it takes. It is freaking tough, though.
So I am drinking protein shakes. Never done them before, so this is new. I am still getting used to it. I am having 2 per day. And I am tracking using fatsecret.com. So far, so good. Yesterday I ate 1655 calories with a lot of protein -- 125g. Perhaps I should do less on the protein? It didn't seem to make a difference one way or the other. I've tracked so far today and I'm doing well. So good stuff.
That's all... I just wanted to get it out there into the world that I'm starting to get on track. Here's hoping. I can't keep going up!!!

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