Friday, January 25, 2013

Another weigh in day

I went to see my fill nurse a few weeks ago and she told me how about 20% of their patients are having problems with their band. 


Well, upon further explanation, it appears that about 20% of clients who are having barium swallows are showing signs of a problem that could result in esophageal damage. After talking with her about the signs and symptoms of irritation  etc, I decided to have her take a bit of fluid out. I'd rather be a little less restricted and reduce my risk of problems. So, she took out some and ... wait for it... magic started happening... I started losing again!

Now, to be frank, I had done a bit better in the week prior to my fill (or unfill, as it was). You know, facing the music makes me behave. But, since the unfill I think I've lost close to 5 or 6 lbs. This morning's weigh in, as it's Friday, was 200.8 lbs. Which means I've lost more than 110 lbs and ::GASP:: I am almost under 200 lbs!  My goal weight is 25.8 lbs away. That does not seem that far at this point in time. It seemed a month ago, when the scale had hardly moved at all, that I might never get there or that it was super far away. Thinking of it as less than 30 lbs is liberating and it seems much more attainable. Still work to do but perhaps doable. 

So why the weight loss? I was too tight. I knew it at the time and I didn't want to get an unfill because it, of course, seems counter-intuitive to loosen the band in order to achieve weight loss. I knew it was too tight. Blah. I need to listen to myself and my band/belly. 

There is a website that one can go to in order to help one get an idea of what their body size is. I've visited it a few times. I'm not sure how I look now. People say I look great. My thighs seem about the same as they used to. I know I've lost a ton in my butt. It's hard to know. It's hard to see the changes. Anyone have any difficultly with seeing the new you?