Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awesome Day [Alternate title: Cranky Pants]

Today, I am cranky pants. Ever wake up and just know that things are not going to go your way? That was my day today and let me tell you, it sucked. Nothing epic, just a ton of moderately annoying crap resulting in me feeling like I just should have stayed in bed.

For starters, I got up 3 times with the babe last night. It wasn't awful, but I need my sleep in the way that most people need air. So that wasn't great. The last time I got up I went up the stairs to calm Lucas, and I saw the coffee pot full of coffee. Thinking my husband had already left at this point for work (he gets up at 3:30) I thought, oh good, he made me coffee. This is good.  Awesome!

So finally I get up for the day around 6:30... get William ready, feed Lucas, blah blah blah. Go to grab a cup of coffee to go... and there is none. Not one brown drop. Nothin'. The pot is bone dry. Awesome.

I bring the kids to daycare.. da da dah. Come home to do some work- had written a 15 page program evaluation on Monday, done some more interviewing of program staff Tuesday, was to finish it up today. Start working on it. Go to scroll down... and there are only 2 pages. Hunt, hunt, hunt in the computer for an autosaved file... that apparently doesn't exist. Realize I have to do it all over again.


Spend the day re-doing what I had already done. Awesome.

Husband gets home from first day back at crappy job that he doesn't like (quit and went to work some-place else.. then they folded... then we both got to be unemployed... he sucked it up and went back to work)... so he comes home grumpy. With cranky kids. Including a 3.5  year old who didn't have a nap today. Awesome.

Make dinner, tend to kids while husband takes good long shower, cuts his nails, shaves, and generally spends a long time in the bathroom. Feed said kids, with baby screaming through half of dinner. How relaxing. And awesome.

So then I go for a walk, taking the babe. Feel like maybe I can still turn this day around. It's 6:00 PM but anything's possible, right?

Start the bedtime routine at 7:00. Changing grumpy 3.5 year old, get him to brush teeth. Do stories. Have husband do story. Go to do snuggle, kid won't listen. Says he doesn't want this, doesn't want that. Get frustrated. Have 25 minute back and forth yelling match with kid. Haven't had this much problem getting him to go to bed ever. Day couldn't get much more awesome.

Oh yeah it could... husband could be grumpy at me for the bedtime session, let babe scream, crab at me, and then get mad at me for being mad at him being mad at me. He could then tell me to stop talking to him and I could. Awesome.

Turn on TV to finally veg out alone... no satellite (a storm?). Awesome.

So now I sit on the couch. Its awesome.

And then I read blog after blog of incredible women doing great things, and being successful with their bands, and its enough to want to make me cry. Health care coverage for the band- now that, would really, truly be awesome. Along with a good nights sleep and a fresh, new day.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.