Thursday, August 18, 2011

This past week has been challenging because it is daycare vacation and I've got the kids 24/7. And I have to keep them quiet because Pops (what we call my husband/their father quite a bit, but Daddy works as well) is sleeping as he is now working the night shift.

I volunteered all day yesterday putting on a conference. It went really well but I did not realize how much time I was going to be "on." Not only on in front of everyone presenting, but the whole day my mind was "on." I had to get up at 6, take care of the babe (poor thing is still suffering from an ear infection and was up 2 times that night - and William woke up once cuz he very unusually peed his underwear in the bathroom so I was up 3 times the night before, having gone to bed at 11:30), get dressed up, get coffee going and breakfast, etc., then a friend of mine came to carpool at 7:00, and then two friends of mine came to watch the kids all day at 7:15. We left then and the day never stopped! I went to bed at 9 last night.

In terms of eating, I did okay. I had a greek yogurt for breakfast (the spell check wants me to capitalize greek, lol), stayed away from the continental breakfast of carbohydrates, a rollup sandwich of turkey, cheese, lettuce and roasted peppers, had veggies, 3 crackers, and 4 small pieces of cheese. Then had whole wheat pasta and turkey meatballs with tomato sauce for supper. And a jello sugar free mouse for desert. So it could have been worse. I also munched on some croutons (bad!) while making dinner. We also had bread with supper and I very much enjoyed that. Now with the level of sleep I got the night before, the stress of the day, being with people every moment of the day-- I call this a victory. I didn't count the calories (I went to bed early) but I may throw them in the counter later. I weighted myself and was up .6. After 2 not-spectacular days of eating. I am really really trying. So I feel like the .6 is not the end of the world.

Today has been okay as well. Much more relaxed. More yogurt for breakfast and then a wrap for lunch. I made a big salad to go with it, but found I wasn't hungry for the whole thing so I'll save that for my dinner with some chicken on top. I ate a fiber one bar instead.

Right now the baby is still sleeping, my older kiddo is up from his nap, and I'm thinking about going and getting them haircuts. Perhaps tonight we'll take the boys to the beach?

I'm starting to get really excited about work on Monday!

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