Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tracking away.......

So I am tracking away on my food intake. Calorie by calorie, grams of fat and protein everywhere... and hoping that it all makes a difference.
I know not to eat too little food so that my body goes into starvation mode. I've been averaging around 1500-1600 calories a day (remember, I am pre-band). I'm trying to get my weight down low enough so I don't have to spend much time with the bitch nutritionist. I've been dieting for a decade... there is little that she is going to tell me (her perfect skinny no-band self) that I haven't read, heard, learned, or done. She really had quite an attitude with me, essentially telling me I should have gastric bypass instead. That's for your opinion- now shut up! So I am hoping to get to the weight required (295) before my next appointment (which I have not set up yet- I get insurance a week from tomorrow).
It is amazing how much salt effects my weight. I had two salty foods one day and the next day the scale registered 2 lbs higher. Yikes. But I had done okay eating so it shouldn't have been 2 fat lbs. Whatever.. fluctuation is normal, right?
My husband starts his night job tonight. And the kids have daycare vacation all week. I've got a ton to get done before a conference on Wednesday (like, put together power point and prep for a presentation in front of 100 people) but I am not sure when I am going to do this. Perhaps during their nap tomorrow. I still have to go grocery shopping so we have some food to eat, too. I feel like all we did was run run run this weekend and no time for real rest. I am in need of it, especially since this week will have few breaks!
Off to dreamland :)

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