Saturday, December 31, 2011

And a Happy New Year to you, and you, and you...

It's all on all our minds-- our goals and hopes and dreams and expectations for 2012.

I am thinking about it, too. But I'm not sure what mine are.

I have a couple of areas I want to focus on-- weight loss, spiritual connection, having more fun, and ....... not sure what else.

It is hard to wrap that into one word or phrase... other than LIVE.

My more specific health and weight related goals:

Get to 220. That's a pretty big weight loss for one year- 59 lbs. But that would be on average 1.13 lbs per week. So I think it is do-able. I'd love to do better but slow and steady is just fine for me.

Get a fill level that works for me. I had my first fill on Wednesday. The needle stung a bit (no numbing shot or anything but that was fine.. just startling) but it went fine. Afterwards I drank water and that went down okay. Eating since then has proved mostly boring-- but I have finally gotten really "stuck" and "slimed." I hadn't known exactly how uncomfortable that could be but I have since learned. Now, I feel like I was ready for the band when I got it but that doesn't mean that I'm always going to be making good food choices.. and so the band is reminding me. Boy, that sucked though. I guess no toast in the morning. It was whole wheat with fake butter. We definitely need to go grocery shopping. Anyhow, I am still not that restricted. I am able to eat more than I think I should be because I am still hungry. But I feel like next fill (Feb 1st) will get me a lot closer to where I want to be. My goal between now and then is to lose 10 lbs. I need to make sure I am eating enough-- how much do you folks eat - calorie wise? tells me 1500 or so a day. I was thinking around 1200. I need to get out my book and look.

I need to be more focused and planing oriented about my food. And to find something for lunch that satisfies but isn't high calorie. Any suggestions? I've been having soup but it is a .. what did my nurse call it? A slider food. I need something that is more satisfying long term. I'm not a fan of left overs.

I'm not feeling all that on track. Which I know for a newly banded person is not normal. This freaks me out a bit but it is the challenge with getting banded at holiday time and having no restriction. I just need to keep in mind that just because this is the way that it is does not mean that it is the way that it will always be. I have been doing well with walking so I am pleased with that. I need to get the eating more under control and have less crap food in my house. I need to work with my husband on that one too because he does a lot of the bringing crap into the house.

My son was sick today-- he had a fever and since he suffers from febrile seizures we didn't go anywhere, though we had planned to go to the fireworks at 6 PM. He was disappointed but there is always next year. Instead, we watched the Smurf movie-- it was great. Our other son just toddled around and William paid good attention throughout. So all and all, a reasonable day. Icy here- 5 people died on the roads in our state today, which is a high number. Very sad. So I was happy to stay home. My husband went to the dump with our youngest and the grocery store.. it had looked like it was just raining and not icy but he found out differently on the roads-- that it was slick. They got home safely and we spent the rest of the day inside. The weather kept me from going to the YMCA for Zumba, though (which I have not gone to in like 4 months-- one thing after another) but my commitment is to do it next week come hell or high water.

So, enough from me-- Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012!

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