Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Post- Op Check done

I ended up seeing my surgeon today for my post op. A week early but they asked me to come in and I was game for that. I'm down to 281.4 according to their scale.. which is about the same as mine from yesterday morning but with clothes on and in the AM (my appt was 3:45 PM). So, progress. Not a lot of it, but some. During the 5 minute "exam" the doctor determined 2 things. 1, he didn't leave much fluid in (which I knew cuz I am frequently hungry) and 2, I was allergic (or at least had an adverse reaction) to the glue they used to hold the holes together from the incision points. Which explains why they are all read and SUPER itchy.
I ran into a girl I went to high school with there. How awkward. But it was fine. She has a ton to tell me about her life. In true form for graduates from the school I went to, she couldn't be bothered to ask for a moment about my life. This is not the first time that has happened to me. Many are just utterly self-absorbed. I smiled, nodded, said nice things and walked out.
The sister of a girl I went to high school with posted on facebook she's having it done. I messaged her to tell her about my recent surgery. Not something I am posting on FB though! Perhaps some day but not at the onset. That is far too intimate a detail to share. I'm in the bander-closet, so to speak.
In food... um.. I am certainly hungry. I am not making the best food choices but I am doing the best I can. It is crap to get banded by the holidays but with no fluid. I mean, really. The only restriction I seem to feel is first thing in the morning after I have my protein shake. I think half of it is the air from the blended drink. But I have been doing the best I can. I am working on getting back to walking again. When it is 20 degrees out, it is hard to find motivation. Especially when the wind is blowing. But I did do a walk today and I am going to get back to twice a day. It makes me feel so much better and will kick up the loses. I mean, when I walk I lose about double the weight any given week. So, why am I not doing it? The first week after surgery I felt kinda drained walking. Today I felt fine but couldn't get a second one in as I had to leave for the hour drive to the doctor's appointment.
So Christmas is right around the corner. It is going to be a nice event I'm sure but I've got so much crap to take care of. Wrapping, mostly. We put up a tree but I could care less about decorations this year. My 1 year old would just try to play with them all and there is such a short amount of time before the holiday that I am not going to worry about it this year. Maybe next year.
Hmmm... other updates. Fantastically, I appear to have 6 followers now. I find that stellar.
Hmm... too much bad news lately. There is a 20 month old little girl missing in our state. It is just almost consuming me. I have a 15 month old. This makes me so sad. And I know the girl is probably dead and the family probably had something to do with it (most of the time that seems to be the case) and it is just... so tragically, unbelieveably sad. I need to get her off my mind but I can't seem to do that. I am going to do some books on tape and stuff in the car tomorrow. The world has so much bad news in it I just can't stand it. Human beings are just terrible to one another. It makes it hard to rejoice at the good news of Christmas. So I am going to turn off my radio and pop on a book on tape. Something fiction. Even if it's a murder mystery, as long as its fiction, I'm cool with that. No more bad news. Now if I can only get off of the newspaper websites. The little girl will remain my prayers, though.
So that is about it. I wish I had more time and motivation to write. But with 3 jobs and 2 kids, and the holiday right around the corner, times are busy. So if you celebrate, Merry Christmas!

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