Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dull Saturday Night

So I'm still recovering... feeling somewhat close to normal except that I slept funny and got a kink in my left shoulder and neck, and the resulting pain is about an 8 when I turn my head. Worse than the incision area, that's for sure.
My 4 year old (or soon to be- 2 days and counting!) was super hyper all day today. Not sure what got into him. On top of the hyper-activeness, my husband pissed me off. Didn't want to take me to our Church fair this morning. Which I always go to. So I was annoyed. He told me I could go and take the kids if I wanted. I explained in a fairly sharp tone of voice that no, I couldn't drive and certainly not with the kids in the car. What an ass. Most days he's a reasonable guy and a good husband. Today, not so much. He doesn't like my church and so he's a jerk about anything related to it. I'm pissed but moving on. Maybe. He needs to get his head out of his butt on this one.
I am the Sunday School Administrator at church. It brings in about $400 extra a month for us to work on paying down debt. So he could be a little nicer about it all. But whatever. I'm feeling rather resentful.
Today I picked up the living room, did a load of dishes (put away and put a new load in the dishwasher) and did 2 loads of laundry. Friends of ours are coming over tomorrow and so I'd like the place to look reasonable. Husband vacuumed but that was it. Oh, and got irritated when I asked him to bring down a basket of clothes and a bunch of stuff that I had earlier picked up outside (before a snow storm so his tools wouldn't get ruined) and had left on our table for him to bring downstairs. It's only been 2-3 weeks since that happened. BLAH. I don't mind doing most of the housework. But when I ask you to do something, do it and don't bitch about it. And hey, I did just have surgery three days ago. Perhaps you could chip in a little extra effort? I know it was surgery by choice but still, you could help pick up the slack.
To be fair, he finished installing the heat in our basement. So this is good. Tonight I will not need 5-6 blankets. But I still would like some more help around the house.
I'm planning on not taking any narcotics tomorrow and driving to church. The pain is mostly abated so we will see how it goes. I hope this damn kink in my neck is gone by morning! What a small life I lead :)


  1. You are newly banded ... pleasepleaseplease take it easy (on yourself). Sounds like you're doing okay but really take care of yourself !

  2. I have been-- the recovery was really pretty smooth. I almost wish it had been more challenging!