Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1 Week Post-Op

So tonight I realized after supper that I am one week post op. This has been remarkably do-able in terms of pain and recovery. My stomach still feels kind of weird some times depending on what I eat. I'm not eating strictly mushes or whatever as I am supposed to be, but mostly. I'm chewing really really well. And no problems!

I do need to work on drinking the water a bit more. ::drinks some water:: I'm not having the starving new-bander syndrome yet. I guess with my doc, he fills you up to make sure all is well during the surgery, lets it come out to the natural stopping point, and caps it off then. So I have no idea how much is in my band, but it seems to be a reasonable amount.

It appears to be working. While I am not obsessing about the numbers on the scale I am enjoying watching them go down. I mean, it's nice and fun and feels good, so why not? So on days that I can remember to in the morning, I weigh in. I'm down to 282.6, I think. So, in about 3 lbs I will be at my highest weight watchers weigh-in weight. Ahhh... yup. Kinda sucks but, progress none the less. It means I've lost 28.4 lbs since September. Which isn't bad!

The incisions are healing up. Two of the little ones the tape has come off. I'm not hurrying that process along (they still look yucky) and only the port spot is the one that is sore. I'm still taking some pain meds-- not the narcotic, the acetaminophen or whatever it is.

I went back to work Monday. It wasn't fabulous because of the catch up work and feeling a little blah, but Tuesday was better and I went for a walk around campus. Usually I go twice a day. Once was definitely enough for me. Today was too busy for any walk and it rained most of the day so I didn't go.

I also had a Hershey kiss. Oops. That's a big fat lie. I had five Hershey's kisses. Yup. Three one time and then two later in the day. Damn. I knew I shouldn't and did it anyway. However, I did eat a lot fewer than I wanted to so I showed some amount of self control. A limited amount but like a muscle, flex it, use it and it shall grow. I need me some more will power. Practice. Practice. This is what I am telling myself.

I also saw a really morbidly obese student today. He looked so uncomfortable even holding his phone up to his ear. Last weekend we went out to dinner with friends (I had soup and a few bites of toasted bread chewed very well) and one of our friends is pretty big. He had trouble sitting in the booth. Now I had that problem when fat and pregnant, but not when not expecting a baby soon. I felt bad. I know how uncomfortable it is to be me sometimes, I can't imagine that kind of humiliation and discomfort. It was reaffirming to me about my band. I have to look for these things along the way to remind me about why it is important to make those different eating choices.

::sigh:: Okay... busy week with in-laws visiting this weekend to celebrate my son turning four. One of my two fabulous sons :) So lots to do and probably not enough time to do it. Such it life.......... best wishes for a fantastic week!

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