Monday, December 26, 2011

Needing my first fill!

At this point, post-holiday, I need a fill. I have seen that having virtually no restriction is not a good thing for me. I have a fill the day after tomorrow.
I need help with my eating. I mean, part of me is just... disappointed that I haven't been able to eat less than I am currently eating. I hardly feel at all like I've had this surgery. I want to see some substantial weight loss. And I know that I need to be making better choices about my food, but this holiday crap has just been so hard to deal with. All kinds of good food everywhere.
Christmas was good. Busy, but good. I got a Nook :) I'm so pleased with that. I think my husband was disappointed that he didn't get anything super-cool but the kids had fun, it was good to visit with family, and it is over. All good things. I enjoy the holidays but routine is nice too. Particularly with eating. So tomorrow, back to the same old same old.
I think that I am going to take Wednesday off. I am earning a little extra cash in the afternoon as a contracted trainer but I don't want to drive an hour to work and then back down for my fill appointment and then to the training. So I think I am going to ask them tomorrow if it would be a problem for me to take the day off. We're between semesters so I am hopeful that it will be alright.
So I will update about my first fill. I'm excited. I'm sure it's going to be fairly pain free and then I will feel what this band can do! :)


  1. I would say it IS pain free ... just like getting a shot - in.out.done. Enjoy your nook - I LOVE my kindle !

  2. I just had my first fill a few weeks ago and it was totally fine. Not bad at all. I felt a HUGE difference after my fill. I hope you are able to take the day off so you aren't running around like crazy that day :)