Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chex Mix, Cake, Cake Pop Balls, Oh My!

Can you tell I've been eating not-so-great lately? My therapist says to work on avoiding "catastrophizing" language ... what I really wanted to write was "terribly" instead of not-so-great. We have had two big parties at our home in the past two weeks, and Christmas is upon us, and I went grocery shopping when hungry, and I'm dealing with a stressful case at work. So my food choices have not been great. This is a plateau, friends. A irritating, no-good, could-be-making-progress-but-I'm-not, plateau. I'm in the 207-210 range. And I know that's really good for me. More than 100 pounds lost. I'm glad for that. And my husband found bins of my old clothes this week and I victoriously tried them on. And most fit! But, guess what? I'm disappointed. Because I seem to be stuck and I don't want to be. Aside from the parties, I'm not doing what I need to do. I've eaten bread, and Halloween candy, and other crap, and fast food, and you name it. No significant progress. And I think a lot of it is mental block. I need to go to bed earlier. It would be helpful for my weight loss efforts if I got more rest. Oh, that's right, I'm also in counseling and working on improving my marriage. And, as it turns out, I'm not sure I like some of the people I am closest to. Yeah. Good times. Therapy is a challenge. A good one. But it is disappointing to see that while I have worked really hard to get a life that I like, in terms of a job and such, some of the other things may have slipped by the wayside a bit. Like having friends who you really have a lot in common with, who you don't have to fix, who you can gab about anything with and don't have to struggle to come up with safe topics to talk about. I know not where the days will lead me in the future, but it was kind of a stunner to realize that I'm challenged about some of this stuff that I'm facing. And it was there all along. Now that I see it, I SEE it. Paradigm shifting.

And, speaking of needing more rest, off to bed. It would be helpful for my weight loss efforts for me to blog on a regular basis, along with tracking my foods accurately and completely. Just a personal FYI, ya know.

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