Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A whole new wardrobe

I'm not sure if I wrote about this before, but recently my husband unearthed some of my totes filled with my old, "thin" clothes (by thin I mean size 16-18). And, it was like Christmas! Beloved items that I had not seen for ages, suddenly pulled out of Rubbermaid bins and given new life-- Astoundingly, I fit in to most of them! I was shocked. See, back when I got to my lowest weight "ever" when I did Weight Watchers, I weighed in at 198 or so. I'd lost 90 lbs or something like that. Anyhoo, I went a little lot crazy as I had never been able to shop in a regular store before. So I bought, and bought, and bought.. kinda like I used to eat... so finding the two totes crammed full of my clothes was fantastic.. and then having many of them fit once again, supreme. I didn't think they would fit as well because my "thin" days were before I had my boys. And everyone knows, things change when you grow babies, especially when they weigh 9 lbs 15 oz and 11 lbs 7 oz respectively. Yeah. So to pull up pair after pair of pants and have them fasten, no bed-laying-down-sucking-in needed, was a HUGE NSV. 

Wearing slightly tight pants is good for me. I guess what I mean is not loose and bulky but properly fitting, maybe a tiny bit snug. It reminds me to watch what I eat, otherwise I feel uncomfortable. And I hate that. Because I still don't want to watch the amount I eat or feel uncomfortable. Ah, nothing like a year of still trying to learn the basics. 

In other exciting news, the scale has finally crept down a little bit. Part of this is attributable to my band feeling a bit tight. I'm not sure why, as I have not had a fill for months. I think part of it may be my new snugger bra (I had been wearing a 44, now down to a snug-but-comfortable 38); some of it may be that it's gotten chilly here. For some reason, my band seems to tighten in the cold weather. I am ok with that because I need to be thinking about what I'm putting in my mouth. Lately I've been trying to remind myself to "take a bariatric bite" as in, stop cramming ginormous amounts of food down your gullet or you'll get stuck. And it's been working for the most part. Back to the creeping scale-- down to 206.4. I think that means that according to my baratric center's highest weight of me (307, I think), they will weigh me as having lost 100 lbs. I count it as 104 as my real highest weight was 311. 

Another NSV, different but related, was receiving PJs for Xmas in size XL and having them fit comfortably. I can't believe I'm back in the "normal" human size. In thinking about my goal of 175, I've made mini-goals for the next year. By the end of November next year (my 2 year bandiversary) I would like to be at goal; to do so I will need to loose about 3 lbs a month. I can do that. I can. So the itty bitty goal is do-able. I'll need to maintain some exercise, perhaps ramp it up a bit. We'll see. I can do it, though. 

So that is about all that I've got today. Happy holidays to you & yours!

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