Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two months have come and gone since I have written... or maybe almost three? How quickly time passes these days.

We've moved. We're in our new house and I love it and I am so pleased with it. My husband, not so much. We're not in a great place right now in our.. I've started seeing a counselor and he's joining me every other week. I hate that he works nights and drives and hour each way to work and back, and he's overtired and grumpy and wasn't doing a damn thing to help around the house. He thinks I'm bitchy, have a tone and need to be  nicer to him. Part of me wonders if losing the weight has an impact. Last time I lost weight we had a lot of marriage problems. I'm going on the premise that the two are not related. I am cognizant of the problems lots of couples experience when one loses weight. We've been married almost 10 years, together 13 years. We've been through some serious downs. This feels like another one. I hope there is an up to it but sometimes I just don't know. Who you are when you're 17 is a lot different from who you are when you're 30, that's for sure. But we have two fantastic kids so we will do everything we can to figure it out. That's what you do... and if it doesn't work out after you've given it your all, cut your losses. For now, we're doing the work to figure it out.

So.. the weight loss and other health stuff... Not sure if I posted about the 5k or not, so here goes. I did it! Yup. In 49 minutes on a very hot (84 F) and humid day UP HILLS. Seriously. But I did it! I am going to do another one in October I think. After the first one I have only run 3 times I think. I've really been lax on exercise. Life has been really stressful. Marriage crap and my friend going through a lot and just regular life and working 3 jobs (1 ft, 2 pt). It's enough. So I've been walking but that's it. I plan on running a Halloween 5k so I have some time to get my butt into gear.

Weight progress has been okay. I'm down to 217 as of this morning. 217.2. Which means almost 93 lbs lost. I'm hanging in there. Fill level is about right I think. I cancelled my appointment this week because I didn't need a fill and it's a long drive to go get one. I've got to get my medical care transferred up here to our new area but I haven't yet done that. I don't know as if they will be as good as my current provider. If they're not I can always go back, I suppose. I do quite like the nurse that I see so it will be hard to say goodbye to her. She's mostly like a friend but her levels of encouragement are fantastic. There's something to be said about someone who knows all your numbers... it's almost as if that layer is taken away so no need to hide. She's quite open with me and a real doll. But I think it is time to move my care because I'm doing well and I hate the drive. I'll go see her once more I suspect.

I've had some good times with my band since my last fill and some crappy not so good  times. I have gotten stuck. Eating shit I shouldn't be eating, noless. I know it at the time. And I do it anyway. It's been better lately. But I have to learn to slow down and chew. It is insanely difficult for me to do. I almost went to get an unfill. But the bottom line is, if I slow down and chew, I am fine. So I need to SLOW DOWN AND CHEW. Blah. So hard for me to do.

Alright... Off to bed!

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