Monday, June 18, 2012

So I have mostly been on track lately... but what a challenge it has been! I am down to 239.0 which meets my most recent goal. I have my first 5k on the 30th of June and my goal had been to be below 240 for it... success! Today I ran 40 minutes without stopping. I go at such a slow pace that I am sure that it will take me longer than that to run the 5k. I'm hoping to do it in 45 minutes or so.

While I am doing my best to get some training in, I'm also packing up the house as we are moving this coming weekend. There is a LOT left to do and yet here I sit, typing away.

So I set a new goal for the 5k which was to be at 235. I'm not sure if I'll make it to that or not but I will give it a shot. Then I have to start thinking about my next mini-goal. My mom asked me this week how much more I want to lose, saying she thought I must be getting close to goal. I told her not even close as I'd like to get to 175 in the perfect world. So that means I've got about 65 lbs to go. In other news, I am going to get my IUD removed soon and start trying for our last babe-o. I hope to be about 220 before I get pregnant. And then to not gain a ton. While I've love to be goal weight when we try again, I'd like the kids to be pretty evenly spaced out. So now (or soon) seems to be the time. And we'll have a nice big house with room for a babe.

I have to sort through clothes when we get to our new house. My current selection of pants is ridiculous. They do not fit at all (they drag on the floor as I walk!) and are practically hanging off me. I feel like a bum at work (side thought: remember the BUM Equipment Company?? lol) but my "thin" clothes are all in bins from when I was pregnant with Lucas. I will finally be able to find them during the move (I hope!) as they have been buried in my basement.

I am so looking forward to being moved. This has been such a stressful period of time for me. I hate all the uncertainty and the organizing and the switching of everything. And the biggest challenge of all is moving the kids from one daycare to a different one. We are moving them to a center whereas they have always been in a small at home daycare that we like a lot. This new one is okay but not our favorite. If there were at home daycares that had openings we would so go with that instead but that is not the case. So we will make do with the option available to us and when we are able to switch to a different provider, we may do that. We don't want to switch them a lot (they've been at the same 1 place since they were 12 and 8 weeks old respectively) but I think it would likely be worth it to go to a smaller facility and one that is closer to home when we can. We will see how it goes. Oh, the joys of parenting. I can't even talk to the current provider without crying because this is their last week. It's hard.

All right.... bed time. Off to dream of the new house and of this damn move being OVER with!

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