Thursday, March 15, 2012

52 lbs and a birthday

So my goal had been to get 50 lbs off by my birthday. This is from my highest weight (not post-op). Anyhow.... Wednesday was my birthday, the big 3-0, and guess what? Yup, I did it. I stepped on the scale first thing in the morning and was surprised to find I was 2 lbs below goal.
That is the good news. The bad news is, my birthday happened! No, I don't care a thing about getting older... however, cake came with the day. I had a slice at work and a slice at home. I wasn't expecting the home slice so I feel ok about eating it at work. Then my husband bought me an ice cream cake. So I had a slice then (because that really is my favorite). MMMmmmMMM good. There is still leftover cake, though, and so that is problematic.
We had another slice this evening. My boys very much enjoy it. So do I. But I am thinking it has to go. I didn't weigh myself today because I am kind of freaked out about having it around. I did walk yesterday and went to the gym today. I'm not going to get too focused on the 2 slices of cake but am going to keep my goals in mind. I feel like I'm starting to make some progress and feel successful with my band. People still aren't mentioning how I've lost weight but to me it is very clear. I think people just think its awkward to mention at work, especially since I don't know anyone that well.
The funny thing about the cake situation is that last month my husband turned 32... and because I was being careful, I bought him a dozen little cupcakes and then I had one, he had a couple, and the boys each had some. That way I wouldn't have them around the house (he took the rest and ate them on the way to and from work I expect). Anyway, he pulls out this gigantic cake last night. While it is nice and thoughtful, the difference in cake-giving is reflective of our priorities. He doesn't care about weight loss so he got me a big cake for my birthday, and I do care about weight loss so I got him a little one for his! It probably should have been reversed :)
Soon I am going to dig in the basement through clothes and see what I've got from when I was thinner to wear. See if I can dig up some clothes rather than go buy some. I don't want to spend much on clothes because I want to get to where I am going first, ya know?
So on the WL front, I am starting to feel like I am making progress. I think I am going to ask for another 1/2 fill at my next appointment. But I'm feeling reasonably. Progress!

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