Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So I completely forgot about my scheduled fill appointment for Monday. I was driving to work, had the epiphany that I was driving the wrong direction and was going north on the highway instead of the half hour south, and realized this about 4 minutes after my appointment should have began when I was about 45 minutes away from the office. I called, they were surprisingly nice, and I rescheduled for tomorrow. Which brings me to... tomorrow. I'm not sure whether or not I need a fill. I'm kind of thinking a half fill? I still get hungry quickly and I don't feel full after eating a cup of food. I'm monitoring my calories but ... I'm getting caught some. And I know I should be avoiding some foods (i.e. bread and dry-ish chicken) so I am doing some behavior modification but I still am not sure whether or not I should get a fill. I think I will ask for half a one. I think I've lost 5-6 lbs this month so I've made a bit of progress, but I feel like I should be doing more. So... we'll see. I'll update. Any advice is welcome!

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