Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pick up the "pen" so to speak

I've got to keep blogging. It helps me to refocus. A huge benefit.


2nd fill was on Wednesday. I did not make my ten lb weight loss goal for the month, but I am almost there. I weighed in this morning at 270.4. So that's fantastic. Total loss: 40 lbs, counting from highest weight. Making progress, step by step.

Other, more exciting news: We may be selling our house and buying a new one. So this thrills me beyond belief. And buying a 5 bedroom, at that! I know, crazy! But it is a great price and a mile from work and I can't believe how much I like it. We'll see. We'd to a lease purchase agreement with the sellers. I'm thrilled. We have a realtor looking at our house Monday. We hope to be able to walk away selling it for what we owe. I'm praying for it, actually. That would be the deciding factor.

So that is the big news. Tracking food most days. Targeting for 1000 calories. I asked at my fill. I can't imagine only eating a thousand calories on most days. But I'm trying it. Was in at 1100 today. Not terrible. Workin' it!

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